LANAP® Laser Treatment

LANAP® Laser Treatment in Overland Park, KS

Dr. Lara Tull-Ryan is one of a select group of dental professionals to offer the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®). This is the only FDA-cleared laser designed specifically for gum disease treatment. Prior to this invention, having gum disease removed meant cutting through healthy tissue to remove diseased tissue, and this often lead to further complications such as receding gums. Now, with LANAP® laser gum surgery, patients can have their gum disease removed with the Periolase® MVP-7™. Unlike traditional surgery, this laser gum surgery is designed to remove only the disease tissue. It leaves healthy tissue untouched, as it was created to laser only dark tissue. Since healthy tissue doesn’t attract the laser by its color, the laser leaves it alone. This leaves patients with less discomfort, shorter recovery times and more predictable, long-term results without the worry of negative after effects from gum disease treatment.

Other Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery:

Laser gum surgery is designed to stimulate bone growth, so patients who were at risk of losing teeth due to their gum disease can now receive gum disease treatment that can actually help save their teeth!

The laser gum surgery is safe in that it doesn’t interfere with any medications, and there is minimal bleeding involved. The laser actually causes the blood to clot, and uses this to press the gums back up against the teeth. This is how it reduces the risk of gum recession- it is not removing any healthy tissue!

Risks of Gum Disease: Get Treatment!

Gum disease treatment is important, because when this disease is left untreated it can effect more than just your oral health. Aside from bleeding and sensitive gums, gum disease can cause tooth loss. There is also a connection between gum disease and other serious health issues such as heart disease and diabetes.

If you have bleeding gums when you brush your teeth, don’t wait to have gum disease treatment. Call Dr. Tull-Ryan today for a laser gum surgery consultation.

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