Itero Digital Impressions

Itero Digital Impressions in Overland Park, KS

Why Itero Digital Impressions?

iTero is a digital “Intraoral scanner” that is used to take precision digital 3D images of your teeth and mouth. It’s a technology that replaces the traditional method of taking tooth impressions, which had the patient bite into a putty-like material that hardened into a mold. The iTero system uses both optical and laser imaging technologies to create remarkably precise images in color. Because the data is digital, the visualization can be zoomed, enlarged and rotated, so customizing your care is greatly streamlined. The iTero system is typically faster and more comfortable for the patient, and it produces more detailed impressions than the old hard-mold system that it replaces. The majority of our patients will benefit from these digital impressions as the cases can be reviewed without the wait time of pouring models and shipping them to the necessary lab. These digital impressions are quickly and easily reviewed during virtual planning sessions with our surgical and restorative dental labs to create custom and detailed treatment plans for our patients. Although traditional impressions still have a place in modern dentistry, we are excited to be able to utilize the iTero system to better serve our patients.

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