Patient Testimonials

Rob H. October 12, 2011
"Dr Tull and her staff are the best. She takes the time to explain everything up front and answers your questions. They are not a provider with my dental insurance, but Suzi worked with them and got pre-approval for my work. They also worked with me on ways to save money too. I would recommend her to everyone I know.

Dr Tull was the second periodontist I consulted. The first one told me, at the end of the consult, that they did not provide nitrous oxide.They're probably still wondering about me as I went running screaming from there office.I've tried to find an office that would meet me in the lot at my car with the tanks, but have had to settle for less. Anyway, back to my review..when you walk in Dr Tull's office the front desk folks smile and welcome you, but they are not fooling me, they KNOW what horrors await me. As my eyes dart nervously around the wait room they have the typical dentist office chairs and bring your smart phone for the 5-10 minute wait. Then Trish comes to get you, smiles and makes small talk to keep your mind off of what is aboout to doesn't work I see right through it. Then and only then does she start the gas...after about five minutes it all starts to make sense. This won't be so bad...then Dr. Tull comes in and starts apologizing for all the pain she is about to cause you..or maybe she just asked how I was doing. Then you make the last adjustment to your headphones and mask and open wide...Then everytime you hear them taking you worry that they may be telling you some imporant "hold on THIS is really going to hurt" and you wish you had agreed on some handsigns earlier. After a few times of panic thinking the gas has gone off, but being told you have to breath though the mask, you relax and before long they are giving you your goodie bag and final instructions. You hope they are written down because you are hearing Trish clearly say blah,blah blah, blah blah. If you're lucky you can then sneak out the back door and miss the gaunlet of staff trying to make you another appointment while your defenses are down.
I hope this may helps others through the minefield of Periodontics."

Debbie F. March 30, 2010
homemaker ★★★★★
I had a great experience with Dr. Tull. She provided excellent and very painless care. I had heard horror stories of periodontal surgery from various people, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well I healed. She and her staff are very courteous and made me feel very comfortable.
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